He knows his flaws

“I can talk about anything, and it would be something that I would want to be better, whether it’s defense, jump shots, making decisions, being quicker, being more explosive, being more consistent. I think I’m as motivated now as I’ve been my whole life.


Jeremy Lin visits Las Americas Newcomer School for PAIR event.

Our Giant Kid

Too hot J!


Jeremy Lin at New Life Fellowship. 

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Jeremy Lin Gets His Harvard diploma, he is so happy 林书豪哈佛毕业证书 (by LinSanityNBAfans)

Thank you for the birthday greeting guys! So am I actually getting one from @jlin7 ? :D

The second one is actually has a “to Jeremy Lin” on the bottom of the cake! right?! LOL you guys! cropping stuff just to greet me thankyou


Darng so looking good…

Bear hugs with p. Pat!

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